DryDroppers.com is a project with two fun investors that has a ton of potential.  We are playing on a popular fly fishing term for the domain and have sourced an amazing fair trade supplier (after going through 4 other meh suppliers). This project was built on WooCommerce and WordPress with an ActiveCampaign CRM for customer engagement.  Went from zero to on track to doing low to mid 5 figures in 2023 and now don’t ever have to buy flies again…  🤣 

The idea for BluemoonBrands.com came from a domain name investor who was wanting to better monetize some of the brandable names in his portfolio.  Seeing the success of sites like BrandBucket the plan was hatched to take domain names that had potential as standalone brands and throwing in some logo designs to help paint a better picture of their potential.  Project was built on WordPress and Woocommerce.

BackcountryBakery.com is a brand that was built with a friend and fellow site investor after a long backpacking trip into the Weminuche Wilderness near Durango, CO.  After a reasonably unsuccessful attempt to make pizza in a normal backpacking pot the idea for a new product was born.  Six months later we were hammering out prototypes – litterally.  The site is under construction – with planned product drops in Q1 of 2023.

OriginalOutreach.com was a spinoff of an investor friend’s online marketing agency.  The core business of the agency had been mainly Google Ads – but with a growing stable of B2B clients he had branched out into email outreach for clients.  Seeing the potential for that as a standalone business we systematized the processes that were working and initially segmented off two exsisting clients as the trial group and within 90 days had taken that group of two and turned it into 8 paying customers.  On track to get to 6 figures in 2023.