My name is Jamey Grant and I have spent the last 12 years helping clients on paid traffic campaign strategy and optimization, and search engine and content optimization on both WordPress and Shopify platforms.

Our best clients have been e-commerce brands and B2B product and service providers.

2022 Client highlights so far this year have been:

Doubling organic traffic for a newer e-commerce brand in less than 6 months with content consolidation and optimization.

A product give away promoted with paid traffic that got opt-ins for 30% of this e-commerce client’s previous best for lead gen and then making more than the ad budget back with a promotion to the list shortly after the giveaway.

Promoted Organic Content that increased interested traffic to an international B2B industrial parts supplier that then allowed for targeted follow up via both email and a retargeted ad campaign that generated 2X the historic monthly lead generation activity for this group over the next 3 months.

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