Hello, I’m Jamey Grant

Strategy/Investor/Operator: Organic, Paid, Email, and Analytics. ♥️ ActiveCampaign, Keap, Shopify and WordPress Projects.


I have focused the last 12+ years helping site and brand owners with paid and organic traffic campaign strategy, email strategies and site optimization on both WordPress and Shopify platforms. I also have 10+ years of experience building advanced segmentation and automation systems in ActiveCampaign, SamCart, Kajabi and Keap/Infusionsoft.

I am an active operator on a number of partnership and internal investment projects and am open to discussing other opportunities for 2023.


2023 Client Highlights:

🖥 Ecom client doing mid 6 figures.  We increased organic traffic 83% YOY 🎉  for November and December (biggest sales months of the year for them) with a corresponding 45% increase in e-commerce revenue.

🛍 Brand in the high end jewelry niche.  We increased organic traffic 30% / conversion rates by 34% and total revenue 32.17% YOY. 📈

Client in the wellness space 🏋🏻‍♂️ 45% increase in signups for coaching programs.  We fully integrated their old systems into a new CRM and increased organic traffic by 25% in less than 90 days. 🚀