GizmoboticsGIZMOBOTICS is my own personal “experiment” blog where I take cheap micro-processor controled “gizmos” and build real world data production devices that can pull data ranging from how many times someone opens a door – to comparing the temperature in two different parts of my home.  Then we take the data and pull statistically relevant relationships using .R and custom built Google Charts and Sheets.

Tracking ConversionsTRACKING CONVERSIONS is my business site where we talk about Business Intelegence and Analytics best practices for small and mid-sized businesses.  Here we talk about how to improve on basic web and sales metrics and turn that businees intellegence into actionable ideas and processes.


CONVERSION REPORTS is my business application page where we promote our analytics and business intellegence dashboard design and implementation service.  If you have a database or website metric that you want to track on a regular basis we can design an online or broadcast dashboard that you can easily share across your team or platform.  If it can be tracked – we can track it and provide you with dynamic reports and dashboards so you can stay on top of the data that is important to you.

Ask-the-Data-Logo-V2ASK THE DATA is a blog site where I put up real world case studies on split tests, tracking protocols and experiments we have run with actual business clients and what the results were and ideas on how we take these results and help the business owner(s) move forward by making better – more informed decisions.

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