My name is Jamey Grant, and I have an extensive 7+ years of experience in tracking and managing Site Data and Analytics, SEO Projects, WordPress as a CMS, and SQL Databases.

I have certifications (either in progress or completed) from Johns HopkinsEMC and Google.

In today’s world of amazingly inter-connected data any businesses can easily track things as simple as which keywords converted best for them online last month all the way up to more complicated projects like aggregating data between different tracking platforms and then matching that chronologically with the corresponding website traffic to correlate seasonality of sales.

These types of data can be crucial for a business to understand and ideally the more data you can manage the more informed your decisions can be going forward.

[quote]”With all the recent open source advancements in data aggregation and visualization there is really no reason to guess or wonder where your revenue or prospects are coming from, and there are no reasons to struggle with unexpected changes in revenue streams. If you are doing over a million dollars in annual revenue there should exist any number of ways to better track – manage and forecast future revenue.”[/quote] Jamey Grant

Jamey Grant at his desk.